About Mariana


Hi there! I'm Mariana De La O, Founder and Creative Director at Mari Guadalupe co. I am suuuper multi-passionate! I run a blog and a brand/web design business as a graphic designer. My hearts always been to serve others in the thing I know best -- creating.

I started this company back in the Summer of 2018 after the many requests I had from friends and family to create custom mugs and wooden signs for them using my Cricut! That little business launched into a full business design to create so many more home decor items and really make myself and my business "legit". I started to add candles, welcome mats, and pillowcases to really create a full gift and home decor business.

The heart behind my products is to create something that is made by hand with love, and will showcase my customers authentic and uniqueness. I'm a huge target girl.. but I don't want to have the same decor and mug that every.single.other.person does! When someone walks into my home, I want them to think "oh.. this is DEFINITELY Mariana in this house!!"

My dream is to turn this business into a full time hustle, and with your support you're helping that dream become reality! Every purchase means the absolute world to me and I hope that my products bring joy to you and your home!